Beauty Roundup

Garland sent me a box of really fun things for my birthday last week.  I am a huge fan of all things bath, scrub, and relaxation related.  I had never heard of some of these brands before and thought I would share the wealth by telling you what I thought!

Bath Bomb by Musee

I actually bought a few of these for myself when I was in Laguna Beach for my birthday.  My boyfriend and I happened upon the store Bubbles at  Laguna while walking down the street and I had to go inside.  I usually make my own bath bombs, but love trying out store bought versions.  The one I used the other night was called “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by Musee.  It smelled sort of like laundry detergent and turned the water a cerulean blue.  It also left a cute plastic crescent moon floating the tub when the bomb had fizzled out.  I think these bombs are super cute for gifts or to just treat yourself.

Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub

This scrub smelled so good and left my skin feeling soft.  Make sure you have a telephone shower head in your shower so you can rinse all the grounds down the drain.  They get everywhere!

Kocostar Hair Therapy

This mask left my hair feeling so soft!  I have very dry hair, so I could use a mask like this once or twice a week.  The cap was a little difficult to keep on in the shower (I have never used a hair mask with a cap before,) but once I figured it out and got the tape to adhere tightly enough, it was smooth sailing.

Formulary 55 Face Mask

This Face Mask was also a bit messy, but it was pink and smelled nice and left my skin feeling refreshed.  I was worried that it might dry my skin out, but I didn’t have any problems and having pink clay on my face made for some fun snapchats!

White Amber Candle from World Market

World Market is now my go to for affordable and amazing candles.  I am officially hooked.  I love the Diptyque and Nest, but at over $40-60 a candle, I can’t always justify the purchase.  World market saves the day with aesthetic and fragrant candles that look just a nice but for a fraction of the price.  These are a find!



11 thoughts on “Beauty Roundup

  1. My boyfriend loves taking baths (he will confidently admit this too) so when I first saw the bath bomb i was like “AHH!” lol! I love bath bombs, so I am so definitely interested in trying this! Thanks for sharing this great list!


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