the pink store | puerto palomas

an hour and a half drive west from el paso is columbus, new mexico.  and across the street from the parking lot of the duty free shop is puerto palomas, mexico.

walk a short distance down the road and on the left you will find the pink store.

Pink Store sign

kassi, mila and i decided to make a trip to the store for some shopping and lunch.  we hadn’t been there together since our friend peter’s graduation party back in 2007.  this trip was just as fun, but with much less tequila.

the charming rose tinted store is magical on the inside.

butterfly wall

flowers in potlizard wall


when you walk in you will be greeted by a a host and taken to a brightly patterned table to order some delicious mexican food and listen to mariachis.  i would have taken a picture of the chile rojo that i ordered, but i inhaled it before i could remember.  it was fantastic.  i did manage to take a photo of my margarita.  they use fresh squeezed limes and they are not too sweet, not too sour– an absolute must when visiting.


after eating, it was shopping time.  and that is one thing that mila and kassi do best!

mila and kassi blanket

the owner of the store, mr. romero, travels all around mexico to meet with locals and buy their art and goods to sell in the store.  these imported mexican treasures are difficult to find, and mr. romero is their curator.

huge paper mache dolls

he taught me about en calavera.

en calavera is the mexican paper mache art, usually inspired by dia de los muertos, and made famous by the linares family in mexico city. the photo above shows two large calavera sculptures made by david linares, who has carried on the family’s legacy.

mr. romero passionately told me about david linares and how his great grandfather would make art for frida kahlo and diego rivera.

the store also has beautiful ceramic renditions of these iconic statues.

dia de los muertos

after perusing the store and packing up kassi and mila’s many gifts and goods we headed back to the border.

kassi shopping

we went through customs, got in the car and drove home.


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