diy succulent garden

i needed to find a housewarming/holiday gift for a friend of mine and knew i should capitalize on her penchant for succulents.  i decided it would be much more personal–and fun– to make a large succulent garden that would match her home aesthetic.

here is how i did it:IMG_1066

you will need:

  • bowl of your choosing– i found this copper bowl at homegoods.  you can find a similar one here
  • 5-6 succulent plants (i used echevaria “dusty rose,” golden sedum, senecio radicans glauca, and blue elf)
  • gravel/rocks to fill the base of the bowl
  • activated black carbon 
  • cactus potting mix 
  • river rocks
  • gloves
  • water spray bottle



  1. first, line the base of the bowl with your gravel. i used some of the rock used in my front yard landscaping. IMG_1068
  2. next, pour a layer of the activated black carbon over the gravel to cover completely.  IMG_1070
  3. now cover with the cactus potting mix soil.
  4. decide where you want to place your succulents by arranging the plants on the soil.  IMG_1074IMG_1124
  5. once you decide your placement, dig a small hole in the soil using your fingers until you can see the gravel.
  6. remove the succulent from its pot and use your hand to gently remove most of the soil from the roots of the plant.IMG_1123
  7. place the plant in the hole you dug and use more of the potting mix to plant and add support.
  8. repeat this process using all of your plants until it looks like this:IMG_1120
  9. using the water spray bottle, spritz until the plants and soil are damp. IMG_1112
  10. next, get your river stones out and start to place stones around the plants.  IMG_1119
  11. try to place the stones so they do not look too methodical.  a natural and random selection looks best.  IMG_1083
  12. once your river rocks are placed, feel free to add any drift wood, crystals, figurines, etc.  i chose not to on this peace because i wanted the focus on the plants.
  13. after this you are finished! give as a gift or keep it for yourself!  IMG_1133


to care for: make sure the plants get plenty of sun and 1-2 hours of direct light each day.    in terms of watering, try to keep the soil moist, but not saturated.

happy gardening!


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