think dirty

i have been pretty enthusiastic for awhile in terms of spreading the word about this app, and now i can share it online, here, with you!

think dirty is the easiest way to know which potentially harmful chemicals you are exposing your body to through your daily beauty regimen.

…and trust me, once you find out how bad it is, you will become equally as enthusiastic about this app!

as you can see from the video above, you scan or enter a beauty product and it will list the ingredients and rank them based on toxicity levels.

each ingredient listed on the product label or manufacturer’s website is evaluated for document evidence of carcinogenicity, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and/or allergenicity & immunotoxicity.  

it then gives you recommendations for similar products that have better ratings.

i was shocked to see how many of my favorite products, which i thought to be from “hypo-allergenic,” “organic,” or “natural” brands actually ended up being chock full of carcinogenic ingredients.

dallas bronzer

my favorite “dallas” bronzer by benefit? 10 out of 10

physicians formula blush

my physicians formula blush that i have sworn by since my freshman year of high school? Also 10 out of 10!


pond’s dry skin cold cream? 10 out of 10!! 


burt’s bees body lotion? 7 out of 10

laura mercier

laura mercier tinted moisturizer? 10 out of 10

i have basically been poisoning myself with lotions, creams, make up and shampoo my entire life.

of course i’ve always been aware that eye make-up and most deodorants are chemical poopstorms, but what about some of the johnson & johnson products i use that are normally meant for babies and small children?!


johnson and johnson baby oil?  ranked 9 out of 10! same for its baby lotion!


dove body soap? 9 out of 10! 

how is it possible that the FDA allows these chemicals to be used in products meant for children?

please use this as a tool to protect yourself!

think dirty has allowed me to make a conscious effort to now only buy products that have a low toxicity ranking.

download the app and make sure to use it when you are out shopping for yourself or your family.




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